Jo & Jony

Tristan stayed with our family for a couple of months when he arrived in Australia on our tropical flower farm near Byron bay.

Tristan was the most well mannered, intelligent, optimistic fun loving guy.

He was always the leader of the group & made sure Everyone knew what they were doing even if the others were older in age. He just got it & nothing was a problem.

He even knew how to wash the dishes & make his bed ha! 😂

Not like most boys🤪

I always said to him your parents have trained you well👍

My boys 12 & 13 loved having him around like a big brother to play basketball & Nerf wars with 😂

Backpackers come & go but some are mates forever Tristan was one that touched our hearts & we stayed in touch even when he left.

He was having an absolute ball, the time of his life travelling & always spoke of his family 💕

We are truely devastated & our family will be planting a strong & tall tree on our farm near the cabin he stayed in overlooking the dam.

God bless🙏 💔 🌈

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