Abbie & Jimmy

Mum, Dad and Stella,

I want you to know how much your beautiful boy meant to us. He became a part of our family while he was here. Enjoying life in Australia on the farm. He loved our boys and played with them just as much as we laughed and joked with him. Just on this night I was dancing with him around the fire before he left, we laughed and he spoke of you and mum and dad all the time.

I want you to know we were with him until we were no longer allowed. Jimmy and Danny did all they could to help him and I held him in my arms the entire time.  He was never alone.  My heart is breaking for you all. If any of you would like to ask me any questions or talk I am here for you.

We love him and his family xx.

Hi Stella and family,

last night I was lying in bed remembering how much of a character your beautiful boy was.

On Friday I went to sit in a kids chair so he could have mine and he told me my bum wouldn’t fit. I told him that was cheeky and he said in my country that’s a compliment. Hehe.  Jimmy and I spoke a lot about how beautiful he and you where and how his mum and dad must be such great parents to raise two kind, caring and funny kids. I told Tristan this and he said he is very lucky.

He told us about your home and the book you and he wrote about wanting a dog. He said your mum wasn’t keen and he totally understood now. She was right. He drew a map of Germany and all of the countries around it for my boys and explained to them where he lived. He was so gentle with my 3 energetic boys. He told us about handball and how much he loved it. He said he was pretty good to!

I hope some of these stories bring a smile during a terrible time. Again please call me when ever you need. X

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